Monday, February 3, 2014

My New Favorite Movie: Electrick Children

I confess, I have a new favorite movie every week, but this one is different.

I watch a lot of indie films, and Electrick Children has been popping up in my Netflix suggestions for a couple weeks now. After finally watching it, and then watching it about seven more times, all I can say is I am a fan.

Here's the summary from Netflix:

An idealistic teen from a devout Mormon family believes that she's been impregnated by listening to music and travels to Las Vegas to find the father.

What could go wrong?

It has the same feel as Donnie Darko, but less creepy and (unfortunately) no time travel. But just like Donnie Darko, you spend most of the movie unsure of which characters you actually like, you can't tell if the main character is insane or not, and when it's over, you wish you could call the writer and have them explain it to you.

Some scenes make more sense than others.

After I finished it I wanted more, so like any other person I got on Wikipedia so I could read the plot summary and try to go on with my life. Unfortunately, Wiki didn't even have a page for the movie. I tried IMDb, but they only had the same generic description as the one on Netflix. As it turns out, this movie isn't very popular. So I decided to dedicate this blog post to it as an attempt to get more people to watch it.

It's a bizarre movie, but its the best kind of bizarre. Even if you're not into artsy movies, it's also full of indie music and beautiful cinematography. Just give it a chance! Let us know what you think of it!