Tuesday, January 14, 2014

8 types of Home schoolers

Coming from two homeschooler’s perspectives, here is our list of the most common homeschooler traits, listed on a scale from "normal" to "homeschooler".

8. Normal Kids - the kids that you would never actually guess were homeschooled because they don’t display any strange quirks unknown to the “normal” school crowd.

7. Rebels – Constantly getting in trouble with parents, always grounded. When parents talk about these kids they can’t really come up with anything good to say except that the kid is “independent”.

6. Super Smart Kids - Kids who are way more advanced than they should be. While this is great, it makes introductions harder for normal kids.

Random Person: “Oh you’re homeschooled?! You must be super smart then, right??”

Normal kid: “Umn, well…”

Random Person: "What is the square root of pi?! Can you spell (insert long word here)?."

5. Super Sheltered Kids - Kids who freak out whenever something remotely risque or offensive comes up in conversation. By risque we mean discussing pierced ears or the word “butt”.

4. All-natural home schoolers – These kids come from a family that grows their own food, from veggies to meat and dairy. They only eat organic, and when asked out to eat they pack their own food and order water… They wouldn’t be annoying if they would stop being so crazy judgmental and preachy whenever a person eating a Twinkie crosses their path.

3. Over the top “modest” people – These kids can normally be picked out of a crowd based on their turtlenecks and ankle length shapeless jumpers - regardless of the temperature.

2. “Un Homeschool” – kids whose parents only make them learn what they feel like learning, so kids get away with doing little to no school work.

(This also gives “normal” homeschool kids a bad rap. “You’re homeschooled?! So you like, get to watch TV and play video games in your  PJs all day?”)

1. Wanna be Rebels – These kids are vastly different from actual rebels. They normally come from really sheltered backgrounds, and as a result brag about watching PG movies or listening to popular music because it’s rebellious against mom and dad’s rules, but totally innocent in the “real world”. The behavior can swing between endearing and incredibly annoying in a split second.

So there you have it! If you have anything to add, leave us a comment! If you were homeschooled, let us know if any of these apply to you! (We think most of them have applied to us at one point or another.)

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